Culture and Art Exchange Programs

Many Eurasian countries, whose history is largely unknown to the world, have well preserved their ancient cultural heritage.

IACD is bringing to the light the hidden cultural heritages such as music, art, and dance of these Asian countries through various cultural exchange programs. It is also establishing art institutes and develops programs designed to revive the art in those countries.

Main Activities
1) Silkroad 2000 International Culture Festival
(1) Dates: 7/19 - 25, 2000
(2) Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan
(3) Goals:
A. To promote harmony and reconciliation among different people groups
B. For peace in Central Asia
C. To seek new roles for Central Asia in the 21st Century
2) Silkroad 2000 Culture Delegation and Performances
(1) Goal: To promote exchanges between Korea and Kazakhstan and between the artists of the two countries.
(2) Participants: Young Nam University Royal Dance Team (Team Leader: Prof. Kim Hee Sook), Sook Myung University Modern Dance Team (Team Leader: Prof. Park Soon Ja)
(3) Dates: 7/20-22, 2000
3) Turkey FM Radio Station Project (Radio Shema)
(1) Open date: September 2001
(2) Goal: To create a platform for Altaic culture exchange