Research on Regional Development and Investment

Consultation for Eurasia Investment
The main goal of this consulting arm of IACD is not only to perform researches on economic environment for investment in many Asian countries, but also to provide consultation service for korean businesses that are looking for good investment opportunities

International Development
& Investment
The International Development and Investment aims to promote economic growth in the Asian countries located near the ocean.
Also, IACD has been instructed English and computer through radio and internet line for young people in Turkey to introduce Korean culture and to help cultural development this program.
The International Development and Investment is supporting a cactus farming company in Shinjang, China. The cactus business is playing an important role in stimulating the economy in the northwestern area of China, in which vast natural resource is available. The company is also facilitating more exchanges of people and trade.

Main Activities
1) Shin-Kang Chang Seng Agriculture and Development Inc.
(1) Date of Incorporation: March 1993
(2) Location: Hotang, Shin-Kang Province, China
(3) Goals:
A. To develop profitable agriculture products that can adapt well to the climate and soil of the vast land of Shin Kang Province, using abundant labor force and advanced agricultural technology.
B. To transfer advanced agricultural techniques to local farmers and to develop new technologies.
2) SilkRoad 2000 Business Conference
(1) Goals:
A. To improve and facilitate business relations between two countries
B. To seek more opportunities for economic and business cooperation
(2) Participants: Kazakh and Korean businessmen
(3) Dates: 7/22- 23
(4) Place: Kimep University Auditorium