Academic Exchange Programs

Center for the 21th Century
Despite rapid advancement in science, technology, and economy, the problems of poverty, famine, religious and tribal conflicts, environmental pollution, racial prejudice, mistreatment of women and many others still remain.
The 21st century center was established to research these issues and provide solutions. The center has broad support and cooperation from scholars and professionals in various fields, and has launched studies on the global issues the world faces right now.

Center for Eurasian Studies
The Center for Eurasian Studies focuses on comparative studies on history, language, culture, and society in Eurasia. The center is contributing greatly to the advancement and exchanges of academia in asian nations through joint efforts by research institutes and universities.
The center publishes an academic journal called "International Journal of Central Asian Studies", hosts international academic seminars, and publishes books on Central Asia.
In addition, the center is striving for better understanding of the Eurasian countries in Korea by offering courses in area studies and seminars. The School of Area Studies is training area experts in the Eurasian region.

International Academic Conferences
IACD hosts international academic conferences in Korea and abroad, with many scholastic institutes and organizations participating in them. These conferences provide more opportunities for academic advancement and exchanges.

Scholar amd Student Exchange Program
This program provide assistance to the national training and education for scholars and students in different fields in order to increase the level of cooperation in education among Asian nations.

Various On-site Seminars and Excursions
IACD is contributing to academia by organizing academic trips to study the sites of ancient civilizations. Such places include Asia minor, Central Asia and many more. In the future, IACD will continue to promote excursions to many places of ancient civilizations and of academic importance in cooperation with local scholars from the region.

Main Activities
1) Publishes the International Journal of Central Asian Studies
(1) Volume 1 (1996)
(2) Volume 2 (1997)
(3) Volume 3 (1998)
(4) Volume 4 (1999)
(5) Volume 5 (2000)
(6) Volume 6 (2001)
(7) Volume 7 (2002)
(8) Volume 8 (2003)
(9) Volume 9 (2004)
(10) Volume 10, 10-1 (2005)
2) Asia Minor Exploration Trip and Seminars
(1) 1st trip was held in July 1992
3) International Academic Conference on Central Asian Studies
(1) 1st Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan
(2) 2nd Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan
(3) 3rd Conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
(4) 4th Conference in
4) Sisterhood Relationships between Universities
(1) University of Foreign Languages in Kazakhstan and Handong University (August 2000)
(2) Tashkent National University of Dentistry and Dental Service International (DSI) (July 2000)
(3) Tashkent National University of Medicine and Sung Kyun Kwan University, Samsung Kangnam Hospital (July 2000)
(4) Tashkent School of Pediatrics and Pediatrics Department at Yonsei University (May 2001)
(5) Buhara University of Medicine and Medical School at Koshin University (Februaty 2001)
5) Medical Academic Conferences
(1) Dental Seminars at Tashkent National University of Dentistry
A. Dates: 7/22-24, 2000
B. Participating organizations:
(2) Medical Seminars at Tashkent National Medical University
A. Dates: 7/22-24, 2000
B. Participating organizations: Seoul Samsung Hospital Medical Team, Yonsei Hospital Plastic Surgery Team
(3) Medical Conference Buhara Medical School
A. Dates: February 2001
B. Participating universities: Buhara Medical University, Medical School at Goshin University
6) UACCD Delegation from Vietnam
(1) Dates: April 2001
(2) Number of Delegates: 10 (included Vietnam education officials, IACD Vietnam staff, UACCD staff)
(3) Visited kindergartens and facilities: Kye-myung Kidergarten, Samsung Children��s Home, Hyo-sung Kindergarten, Children��s Health and Education Information Center, Busan Children��s Home, Gil-merry Kindergarten, Ewha Kindergarten, Choong-ang University Kindergarten, Duk Sung Women��s University Kindergarten, Sejong Children��s Home