Education Program

School establishment management and financial support

IACD is actively participating in founding and managing new schools where students are trained to be professional workers.
IACD founded the Bright Future School for Youth in Mongolia in 1997. The school teaches skills necessary for self-support. IACD is also pursuing to open technical training schools and universities in the Altaic nations, (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc) with which, Koreans share many similarities in language and culture.

Support for the Korean and
Altaic Studies
IACD were able to open korean studies department in many educational institutes in asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan and Vietnam. IACD has been supporting Korean studies through professor exchange programs, donations of educational materials and research in korean studies.
In the future, IACD will continue to support korean studies and research as well as Altai Studies and the related fields at many universities through partnership with local governments.

IT Center
IACD has been cooperating with the educational institute in such countries as Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and etc. Also IACD has been supporting to open the IT Center with newest computer system and installation to prepare the information age.

Main Activities
1) Support for Korean Department at the Hanoi University in Vietnam
(1) Provided education materials and teaching faculties for the Korean Department and supported researched on Korea-related topics
(2) Professor Oh Eun Chul was appointed as a visiting professor (1995)
2) Korean Department at Samarkhand University of Foreign Languages
(1) Opened in September 2001
(2) 50 students enrolled in its first year
3) Korean Culture Center at the Andijon National University of Industry and Commerce
(1) Opened in 1999
(2) Education program: Computer, English, Korean
4) Mongol Bright Future School (funded by KOICA in 1999, 2001)
(1) Opened in September 1997, received official license in August 1999
(2) Purpose: To provide opportunities for many abandoned children and teenagers to receive education
(3) Recipients: children and teenagers in poverty
(4) The school has computer and English education center, and also runs its own farm for agriculture education
5) MIU (Mongolia International University)
(1) Open Date : September, 2002
(2) Introduction: MIU is a global university preparing leaders for new millennium through love and education.
It reaches out to 2,700,000 Mongolians in Mongolia, 5,000,000 Mongolians in China, 110 tribes in Siberia, and people in Central Asia.
(3)Department: International Business Management ,Information Technology Department, Biotechnology and Food Science Department, TESOL
6) Opened an IACD Computer Center in Karakalpakstan, a self-governing republic inside Uzbekistan (1999)
7) Vision Information and Culture Center
(1) Opened in May 2000
(2) Programs: Provides computer, Korean language and culture classes
8) Korean Department at Baku National University in Azerbaijan
(1) Opened in May 1995